satellite dish antennas under sky.Wireless Communication Solutions

Adaptive has developed numerous wireless communications and video transport solutions, including wireless links for T1 and remote telephone connections, micro-wave links for point-to-point video distribution as well as wireless Ethernet applications. Adaptive has helped our customers implement RFID systems based on industry-standard protocols and has developed new packet-based wireless protocols when existing technology was not suitable for the challenging application.

RavenUASLaunch_240x240When a small UAV airframe manufacturer approached Adaptive to assist with development of an air-to-ground wireless communication link, Adaptive applied its expertise in RF communications, modulation efficiencies, noise tolerance and packetized network protocols to develop the packet-based DDL communication protocol for UAV applications.  DDL has since been accepted as a JTRS waveform for specific applications by the US DoD. According to its manufacturer, the Raven® is now the most widely used unmanned aircraft system in the world today.  And by the way, the small UAV airframe manufacturer is no longer small.

Adaptive continues to develop and deliver new products with embedded wireless communication features, including multi-media delivery systems as well as Andriod  and iOS apps for mobile video display and user interaction.  For more information on how Adaptive can help resolve your wireless communication issues, see Adaptive’s Communication IP Cores, Adaptive’s Proof-of-Concept Development engineering services.  Contact us today to see how Adaptive can accelerate your product development success.