Flying VideoVideo Transport Solutions

As video transmission methods have grown from analog composite and component video to digital SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI, Adaptive has been developing systems that work.  Customers have trusted Adaptive to deliver equipment that effectively handles MPEG-2 transport streams, loaded with encoded video, encoded audio as well as metadata to support various modulation and program distribution standards, interoperating with other equipment and not missing a beat… or dropping a packet.

Video_Head_End_Rack_004Adaptive has mastered the strict compliance and interoperability requirements for products that generate or receive video transport streams.  Many years of engineering work have been invested to perfect solutions for ASI, SMPTE-310, IPTV, MPEG TS-over-IP, as well as ATSC distribution standards for cable and terrestrial broadcast.  Adaptive has developed break-through video distribution products for our customers that bridge the worlds of IP and QAM distribution, helping our customers beat their competitors and dominate their markets.

Today, Adaptive is extending its well-established video transport expertise to address complex issues in delivery of audio and video data through wireless IP networks and for specialized applications, such as ARINC-818.  For more information on how Adaptive can provide you with a rock-solid video transport solution, see Adaptive’s Video Transport IP Cores or Adaptive’s Turn-Key Product Development services.  Contact us today to see how Adaptive can accelerate your product development success.