Video Encoding Solutions

Adaptive provides application-specific IP cores for video compression in FPGA’s, as well as complete development of video compression products or subsystems.  Adaptive video encoder solutions are at the heart of thousands of products operating today in broadcast, cable distribution, defense and wireless transmission applications, with a multitude of different performance requirements.  Whether our customers need a large-scale multi-channel video encoder or a single channel, low-power encoder, Adaptive’s application-specific video encoder IP cores provide optimum performance within the real-world constraints of embedded systems and real-time processing.

Since the early days of digital video compression, working with companies like C-Cube Microsystems, SkyPix direct broadcast satellite, Bell Atlantic set-top boxes and RoseTel video conferencing, Adaptive has developed many video encoding products based on JPEG-2000 wavelet compression, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 / H.264 encoding.   Video encoding products developed by Adaptive are installed throughout a multitude of on-premise video distribution systems, broadcast, conferencing and digital signage applications.

VideoTopBottom_ColorGrid_1500x1500Today, Adaptive is developing FPGA-based H.265 HEVC compression technology, as well as MPEG-2 and H.264 encoder solutions for 4k and other specialized, large-format digital signage applications.  SoC-type FPGA’s provide new opportunities to combine the flexibility of software with the parallel data flow processing advantages of FPGA devices, allowing Adaptive to mix the best elements of each technology and deliver optimized, application-specific video compression solutions.

For more information, see Adaptive’s Video Encoder IP Cores , Adaptive’s New Technology Implementation solutions for third-party IP cores, or contact us today to see how Adaptive can accelerate your product development success.