Turn-Key Product Development

Begin with a concept.  A bullet list of features… inputs, outputs, functions, controls.  Then create a complete product ready for production.  Specifications are rarely complete and often change during the project.  Product deadlines are squeezed by competitive pressures.  Technical challenges abound.  Marketing may never stop “improving” the user interface.  Getting the product shipping and generating revenue often seems like a mirage in the distance, obscured by a menagerie of minutia.

Adaptive cuts the clutter and forges ideas into production products.

Graphic_IntelligentBinaryStream_2309x1732Adaptive understands how to develop complete products… Front to back:  hardware, software, smart phone apps, circuit boards, wiring harnesses, mechanical, chassis, thermal analysis, industrial design, documentation, tooling, manufacturing test code, and even IP protection strategies for the secret sauce.

Highly interactive, multi-discipline design teams tackle technical challenges with obsessive focus.  While other design firms may take a time-out when marketing changes requirements or competitive forces squeeze deadlines, Adaptive navigates the course correction while driving toward the project objectives.  Adaptive’s focus on customer success and our ability to rapidly track changing objectives helps our customers get winning products to market faster, generate revenue sooner and take market share from their competitors.  We get stoked helping our customers blow away their competitors with awesome products!

Photo_CircuitBoard_NetworkConnectors_2204x1814Adaptive supports the entire product development process, including transition to pilot and full rate production.  Whether our customers have their own production facilities or need Adaptive to manage the production and fulfillment processes, Adaptive and our manufacturing partners deliver the right solution.

Technology center with fiber optic PON equipmentAdaptive understands the importance of product software and firmware security when producing hardware products at off-shore facilities and provides strategies for protecting high value software code.

Design Team MeetingAdaptive in-sources the product design to the customer’s product engineering team, enabling them to provide sustaining engineering.  For customers without a product engineering team, Adaptive provides sustaining engineering throughout the product life cycle.

Adaptive has helped some customers launch new businesses and other customers transform their out-of-date business, by developing new products or even entire product lines, injecting new technology to leap-frog their competitors.  Adaptive locks arms with our customers to develop and release ground-breaking new products.  We are in it to win it.

Graphic_ElectroFistTablet_2000x2000If your products are stuck in a rut, Adaptive can help get you back on the road to riches.  It’s what we do best!



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