Subsystem Development

Subsystems, as a component of a larger system or product, may range from an FPGA function block to a circuit board or even one chassis within a multi-chassis system.  Regardless of its size, developing subsystems in lockstep with a primary product engineering team requires clear communication among team members, and an understanding of interdependencies between the subsystem and other system components.  And of course, the subsystem must be delivered on time.

Fast binary outputAdaptive’s focus on cooperative, team-based design practices underpins our driving priority of customer success.  Adaptive combines web-based collaboration with a commitment to project success to deliver effective subsystem solutions to primary design teams, who are crafting system-level solutions.

Photo_TeamBlocks_1633x2449Here are a couple examples of subsystems developed by Adaptive, which integrated closely with other system components to create successful products:

  • Delivered an FPGA code block that merges multiple video streams into a single frame and highlights specific image features, enabling an end user to remotely control a vision-guided robotic system.
  • Delivered a rack-mount subsystem to transcode H.264 video to MPEG-2, functioning as a component of an on-premise video receiver and distribution system.
  • Delivered PCI-e card solution with custom Linux drivers for application-specific networking application that required low-latency processing and delivery of time-critical application data.

Adaptive understands the importance of primary product engineering teams “owning” the product design and supporting future development, even when a portion of the system is developed by Adaptive.  Adaptive works closely with our customer’s primary product engineering team to in-source product design knowledge back to the product engineering team, providing appropriate documentation, training and technical support.  Adaptive focuses on the success of our customer, including their internal engineering organization.

Three business people workingAdaptive creates subsystem designs and integrates the design knowledge back to your product development organization, facilitating the success of your product as well as your engineering team.

Adaptive’s vision is focused on your success.


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