Proof-of-Concept Development

Marketing and product management organizations use Proof-of-Concept units to test and validate new product ideas before committing substantial engineering resources to full product development.  Proof projects can explore the value of alternative solutions in parallel with primary product development to reduce the risk of missing product performance objectives or missing new features required by a fast-moving market.  Proof projects are typically quick turn, low documentation activities with a clear objective and little or no formal specifications available for technical guidance on how to achieve the objective.  Agile techniques are used to quickly converge on use models and user interface design.

Graphic_ChalkboardPossible_2429x1646Adaptive has executed many proof-of-concept development projects, helping our customers test new product ideas or explore alternative solutions, including the following examples.

  • Hand-held wireless communication transceiver for a military communication network as an example of one potential solution for a new product idea.
  • Bridge between two military video communication networks that use different protocols in order to demonstrate successful operation of a key video acquisition subsystem before committing to fully implement the complete communication solution.
  • FPGA-based solution for a wireless communication node, as an alternative to the DSP-based solution being developed by the customer’s primary engineering team.

Adaptive understands that internal product engineering teams need to “own” the product design and be able to support future development, even when a portion of the system is developed by Adaptive. Adaptive works closely with our customer’s internal product engineering team to ensure that the proof system or subsystem developed by Adaptive is fully in-sourced back to the product engineering team, with appropriate documentation, training and technical support. Adaptive focuses on the success of our customer, including their internal engineering team.

Adaptive’s fast-turn proof projects can help validate market niches and product ideas with tangible results and hard customer feedback. Adaptive is committed to the success of our customers, including their internal product design teams.

It’s how we do what we do.


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