New Technology & IP Core Implementation

New technology, including IP core components that leverage new FPGA platform technology or provide high value functionality, can differentiate products and get them to market faster, with higher performance, lower power and lower cost.  However, implementing new technology and IP components means investing precious product development resources to confirm the strengths and reveal the limitations of the new technology, diverting resources from primary projects and putting development schedules at risk.

Graphic_ChipOnBoardPuzzlePiece_2449x1633Adaptive reduces risk and enhances schedule confidence by implementing the new technology or IP cores within your product.  We work in parallel with in-house design teams to prove out new technologies with minimum impact to existing development processes and schedules.  If the new technology doesn’t stand up, then your finite investment returns the knowledge of the technology’s limitations without disrupting your product development team or schedules.

If Adaptive’s implementation of the new technology or IP components proves to be a substantial improvement, then Adaptive works with your existing engineering team to in-source the design and the implementation lessons learned, as they relate to your specific product or application.

Adaptive focuses on applying new technology and IP components to get you to market first and to realize your product revenue potential.  We thrive on new technology and drive to develop products that rock.

Technology is in our blood.  Commitment to your success is woven into our DNA.


New Technology Platforms:

  • Adant Antenna Technology
  • Altera ARM Cortex-A9 SoC
  • Altera Stratix or Cyclone FPGA’s
  • Altera Hard-Copy ASIC’s
  • Solarflare 10GbE AOE

New Technology IP Cores:

  • Andes Technology 32-Bit SoC
  • Firefly DSP
  • Other Third Party IP Cores


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