Adaptive Micro-Ware Leadership


Bob Kniskern, President and CTO

Bob Kniskern has led Adaptive Micro-Ware, Inc. since founding the company in 1980 to develop and apply advanced technology to solve complex problems in manufacturing and communications systems.  Bob is Adaptive’s lead technologist and often plays the role of lead system architect during development of complex systems.

Bob is the named inventor on three U.S. patents and has three more patent applications pending.  He has served as due diligence consultant to various technology companies, and served as CTO for several entrepreneurs.  Bob was recognized by Johns Hopkins University with their Personal Computing to Aid the Handicapped Award.

Bob actively promotes science and technology issues in the Fort Wayne community, including acting as co-chair of the Fort Wayne’s Broadband Initiative, which formed the “iTeam”, an innovation group mobilized to leverage broadband technology to improve internet literacy.  Bob earned a BA in Physics from Wabash College and is an active member of the Business Advisory Council of IPFW University’s School of Business and Management Sciences.