Video Transport IP Cores

Implementing effective video transport solutions requires an understanding of the transmitting system, receiving system(s) and the characteristics of the communication channel between them.  Transport stream generators typically multiplex multiple audio, video and meta data streams into a single bit stream with rigid timing and buffer size constraints, defined by the communication standard as well as historical industry norms.  Forward error correction, such as SMPTE-2022 (ProMPEG), may be required in cases where an IP-based transport stream is being routed through an unmanaged network or microwave environment. Understanding these issues is critical to successful implementation.

Graphic_VideoRushingBy_2000x2000Adaptive has implemented FPGA-based video transport interface solutions in a wide variety of products that are operating in the field today.  Adaptive has extensive experience implementing solution for MPEG video transport over ASI / SMPTE-310, microwave links, digital TV broadcast, IP network distribution and wireless network transmission.

Adaptive understands what it takes to make the system work first time, every time and is committed to delivering reliable video transport solutions that work in your application.

That’s what we do.


FPGA IP Cores for Video Transport

  • SDI / HD-SDI / 3G-SDI
  • SMPTE-310
  • ATSC Transport Mux / De-Mux
  • MPEG TS Over IP / UDP / RTP
  • SMPTE-2022 / ProMPEG FEC
  • CCIR-656 Framer / De-Framer
  • DVI / HDMI
  • Display Port


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