Video Encoder and Decoder IP Cores

Effective video encoding and decoding solutions require intelligent performance trade-offs to be considered among throughput, latency, power consumption, and FPGA resource utilization, based on the specific application requirements.  General purpose video codec IP cores may perform well in canned demonstrations, but are not designed to deliver optimum performance in your application.  Checking off features on a spec sheet is fairly common, but finding a video codec supplier that commits to your success is rare.

Graphic_VideoScreenDigitizedFlow_2530x1581Adaptive understands how to trade off the various system requirements and apply implementation strategies to produce the right application-specific IP core for the intended application.  For example, video encoder throughput and latency depend on the encoder implementation strategy as well as video characteristics such as the following:

  • Video format / resolution and frame rate
  • Video motion content and motion vector generation
  • Speckle noise in video content and filtering strategies
  • Color (chroma) resolution / sub-sampling
  • GOP structure and intra-coding strategies applied
  • Encoded video bit rate and fidelity requirements
  • PSNR / video quality / quantization constraints

Adaptive provides the supplementary functions that are often helpful or necessary when implementing video encoding and decoding solutions:

  • Video smoothing and noise filters
  • Color space conversion and re-sampling
  • Transport multiplexer
  • Meta data parsing or injection, including guide data, captions, etc.

Adaptive may help you reduce product BOM costs by implementing our application-specific IP core solutions in lower cost FPGA devices, such as Altera’s Cyclone V, even for multi-channel HD video encoder solutions.

Adaptive provides application-specific video encoder and decoder IP cores that are tailored to meet your application requirements.  Customers trust Adaptive to understand their application requirements and to deliver IP core solutions that work effectively in the intended application.  Adaptive is committed to delivering IP cores that make your product successful and help you get to revenue.

That’s what we do.


FPGA IP Cores for Video Encoders and Decoders:

  • H.265 HEVC
  • MPEG-4 / H.264
  • MPEG-2
  • JPEG-2000 / Wavelet
  • VP6 / ON2
  • HTML-5


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