Encryption and Digital Rights Management IP Cores

Protecting intellectual property and sensitive communications has become a critical requirement for many products in today’s highly connected world of digital media and big data.  Audio and video content producers place a high priority on protecting their digital content from theft or piracy throughout the entire delivery process.  The digital rights management protocols that are part of HDMI can cause system level nightmares if not properly implemented.  Encryption and/or de-encryption is often a barrier to achieving system throughput or latency requirements, but maintaining data security remains essential.

AES Encryption FPGA

AES Encryption

Adaptive has implemented many FPGA-based AES-based encryption solutions and is an experienced implementation partner for Zenith Electronics’ PRO:IDIOM® media content protection system.  Whether implementing entire encryption functions or developing high-throughput solutions for a portion of the encryption / de-encryption function, Adaptive has broad experience in implementing commercial encryption applications.

Adaptive is committed to delivering encryption and digital rights management IP solutions that meet your product performance objectives.

That’s what we do.


FPGA IP Cores for Encryption and DRM:

  • AES 128 / 256
  • DTCP


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