Audio Encoder and Decoder IP Cores

While video gets all the eyeballs and most of the attention, experienced professionals know that audio quality is a critical component of the user experience.  Sloppy audio processing is easily noticed by the viewer and can be more damaging to the presentation than a brief video glitch.  Audio synchronization errors and quality issues distract the viewer’s attention, overshadowing the intended impact of the program content.  Adaptive understands audio encoding and transport designs, and has developed many products with embedded audio encoders and decoders.

Graphic_AudioSpectrumGears_2218x1804FPGA-based audio encoder solutions can be challenging, and Adaptive has implemented many single channel and multi-channel audio encoders.  Adaptive has worked through the rigorous certification process at Dolby Laboratories and understands how to get your products to market with cost-effective, FPGA-based audio encoder implementations.

Customers trust Adaptive to understand their audio codec requirements and to implement audio encoder and decoder solutions that work in real product applications.  Adaptive focuses on customer success and working products that generate revenue.

It’s what we do.



FPGA IP Cores for Audio Encoders and Decoders:

  • AC-3, 2.0
  • AC-3, 5.1 or 7.1
  • HE-AAC v2
  • AES67 Transmit / Receive


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