Helping customers win markets for over 30 years.

Adaptive Micro-Ware has been solving complex problems and helping customers get innovative products to market faster for over 30 years.  Through the crucible of solving problems in the real world, Adaptive has grown deep roots in the technologies of video compression, video transport, networking and wireless communications.  Here are a few example projects where Adaptive played a critical role in the successful development of products that helped our customers beat their competitors and win market share.

2010 – Present

Digital video and network communication technologies converge to fuel eruption of new markets

  • Android application for display of video received from DDL wireless communication link
  • SNMP-controlled multi-channel Multiplexer / Edge QAM product line
  • FIRST multi-channel HD MPEG-2 video encoder / multiplexer for ATSC broadcast with integrated PSIP generator
  • Multiple MPEG-2 video encoder and transcoder solutions for video distribution networks
  • Encrypted network transceiver for tactical packet-based communication network
  • FIRST sUAS DDL waveform for UAV network communication link

2000 – 2009

Communications shift from wireline circuits to packet-based broadband and wireless networks

  • Wireless UAV ground-to-air digital data link
  • Wavelet-based video compression solution for high quality RoseTel video conferencing system
  • Broadband network switching digital video conferencing system
  • FIRST truly multi-channel POTS / ADSL line card with 32 channels
  • Wireline communications interface solutions for Ethernet, DS-3, OC-3, 25.6 ATM
  • Wireless T1 line replacement solution
  • Multiple DSL network interface solutions

1990 – 1999

Adaptive’s expertise in video encoding and transport helped to launch the digital video revolution with first-to-market video set-top boxes for satellite and telco-based video program distribution.

  • FIRST digital video set-top box for direct broadcast satellite (DBS)
  • Complete 80-channel SkyPix DBS system, including system architecture, hardware design and proprietary silicon design
    • Real time CCIR-601 video encoder
    • Video pre-processor
    • High-speed video file servers
    • Real time data mixers and scramblers
    • Real time program scheduling, electronic program guide
    • Secure pay-per-view purchasing system
  • FIRST telco-based video-on-demand set-top box:
    • Navigator 1000 MPEG / ADSL video set-top box for Bell Atlantic
    • Groundbreaking video-over-ADSL trial in the District of Columbia
    • On display at the Smithsonian Museum
  • Data delivery systems utilizing Ethernet, DS-3, OC-3, 25.6 ATM, and proprietary ATM technologies.

1980 – 1989

Adaptive began its engineering business enterprise by solving complex problems and helping our customers win market share in consumer and industrial control markets.  Some of the early milestones achieved by Adaptive’s early team include:

  • Recognized by the state of Indiana as a pioneer in programmable logic
  • Helped to establish the Indiana Microelectronics Center to promote the use of advanced technology by small businesses.
  • Developed 300-baud modem (when 300 baud was really fast!).
  • Co-developed Transend, the market-leading communication software for early Apple II users.
  • Implemented new technology SCSI controller IC devices in a first-to-market file server application.  As is often the case with new technology implementation, Adaptive assisted the SCSI chip manufacturer with troubleshooting and finalizing their microcode during the course of implementing the system.

Adaptive helped many customers build winning market positions with technology-based products:

  • Apple II modem card for SSM Microcomputer Products
  • Apple II IEEE-488 card
  • Point-of-sale terminals and fuel pump controllers for Tokheim and Tuthill
  • Automated production systems for CTS, a hybrid electronics manufacturer
  • Patented a fiber optic-based image sensing system
  • Digital controllers for Lincoln Electric arc welders
  • High speed / high capacity SCSI file server and an RF modem for a Michigan startup
  • PLDs and custom gate arrays for clients of the Indiana Microelectronics Center