Expert Consultation

Expert consultation services apply Adaptive’s substantial expertise, amassed over many years of solving complex problems in a wide variety of technical fields, to help customers resolve specific technical issues or to provide expert level technical guidance to support executive decisions or company legal challenges.

Graphic_WallOfGears_1826x2191Customers have applied Adaptive’s expert consultation services to resolve technical logjams among engineering teams, to provide expert testimony in contract arbitrations, to provide independent review of technical claims for company valuation and to assess technical claims in patent infringement cases.  Consultation customers have access to Adaptive’s deep expertise in video encoding and decoding, multi-media transport solutions, wireless IP networking and system performance analysis.  As system complexity grows geometrically, Adaptive’s expertise in systems level performance analysis has helped our consultation customers understand subtle dependencies among system components, which may each be performing correctly to their own specification, but which may not be working together effectively to meet the system requirements.

Expert level third party reviews can help resolve difficult or apparently intractable problems.  New light from an outside perspective often illuminates new pathways to solving problems, leading to successful outcomes for all of the stake holders.  Adaptive understands the need to respect the sensitivities of all participants in the process in order to achieve an outcome that provides both short term success and long term sustainability.

Adaptive focuses on our customer’s success, even with the going gets rough.

It’s our all-weather commitment.



Expert Consultations are available on a wide range of issues, such as:

  • Executive Consultation
  • Expert Witness / Testimony
  • Independent Brainstorm Input
  • Third Party Technical Guidance
  • Other – Not Listed Above


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